I'm Lisa Brewster. I work for the Internet at Mozilla and have a love–hate relationship with cell phones.
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Openly admitting on her website that she is “passionate about recording and sharing life’s little details,” Lisa Brewster proves her dedication with the microflashes of her life that spill out via Flickr, Tumblr, Twitter, and her personal wiki. Now she has to convince those making apps to become passionate about webOS, as HP and Palm try to jumpstart the platform. With the tech world impatiently awaiting webOS tablets and a wave of new smart phones to compete against iOS and Android, Brewster’s goal of making developers “feel like they’re part of something awesome” will be key.

Source: http://blog.laptopmag.com/2011-most-important-women-in-mobile-tech/4

Brewster and Horn see untapped potential for optimizing productivity and life experiences. If you could learn which foods, people, activities, sleep patterns, driving routes and television shows left you the most content, think of how much better your life would be.


The first mailing included a TechCrunch Tshirt, and one made its way to Lisa Brewster, who writes the blog Sophistechate. She posted the picture above to her blog a couple of days ago. Golf clap for Lisa, our new unofficial mascot.


Fellow Californian and Twitterer “Adora” might agree. The self-described “web 2.0 voyeur” got onboard a couple of months ago and says, “I try to update with items of interest to everyone following me. Neat geeky things I do through my job and website, the wacky things that I catch myself doing . . . I recently cut my thumb in half with a butter knife (don’t ask) and after I pulled the knife out my first thought was ‘Oh man, I know I’m bleeding everywhere, but I just have to Twitter this.'”