The truth about hitting it big

Lisa: technology alone doesn’t make anything successful
Lisa: it isn’t the catalyst
Lisa: which can be depressing if you think about it too much
Lisa: the technology is the product, or it can enable further sales or whatever
Lisa: but it takes an evangelist to give that technology a soul
David: you were very poetic about it, but all you really just said was “marketing”
Lisa: dude, I tried REALLY REALLY hard not to use that word

Why I don’t feel guilty about walking away in the middle of conversations

Dave: ok, so I just did all the math
Dave: it depends on v
Dave: I swear dude
Dave: no look
Dave: look the derivative, see?
Dave: well, I guess you could do that
Dave: that would certainly means it could apply to waves of any speed
Dave: have you tried to apply this to wave tanks?
Dave: orly, what were your results?
Dave: I guess that backs this up then, yeah
Dave: why don’t you publish this, anyway?
Dave: modesty be damned!
Dave: Where would the world be if Edmond Halley didn’t convince Newton to publish the principia?
Dave: your genius is being wasted, ya know
Dave: well, I do care!
Dave: hmph
Dave: fine, do what you want
Lisa: =D
Lisa: see!
Lisa: see what I mean?
Dave: hmph
Dave: I’m not talking to you
Dave: I can’t believe you’ve come up with an unprecedented model of light waves and haven’t told anybody about it