Windows Mobile vs. PalmOS

Windows Mobile is about to whoop the ever lovin’ schnarkins out of palm if they don’t get their act together.

  • New mobile versions of Word Mobile, PowerPoint Mobile Viewer, and Excel Mobile
  • Improved one-handed navigation so you don’t have to use a stylus
  • A new camera API that’ll make it easier for developers to write apps that use a device’s built-in camera
  • Better WiFi support for Smartphones
  • Support for push-to-talk and video calling
  • Improved Bluetooth (e.g. ability to use ActiveSync over Bluetooth with multiple PCs)
  • Support for “persistent memory,â€? which means that you won’t lose all your data when your battery dies (a feature the Treo 650 and several other Palms already have)
  • Support for USB 2.0 AND support for internal hard drives

4 Replies to “Windows Mobile vs. PalmOS”

  1. I don’t think any of that would be handy to me, but “persistent memory” should have been in place LONG ago. Last year some time, my PDA just stopped working. It wouldn’t turn on and none of the things listed in trouble shooting worked. Eventually I stopped caring. Well, when we were getting ready to move and I was packing everything up on my computer desk, I found a power cord that was plugged into the surge protector and nothing on the other end. It turned out to be for my PDA charging base. The whole time it had just been dead. I guess it came unplugged on accident, and when I checked to see if it was plugged in, I assumed it was getting it’s power through the USB cable. I plugged it in, and surprise surprise! My PDA was working again. Unfortunately ALL of my data was lost and I haven’t really used it since. :/

  2. Now all they gotta do is make it synch with Mac osX… then I might forsake my Palm.

    I gotta say the latest version of PalmOS is a disappointment… very buggy, keeps crashing and hanging. They blame Docs to Go. grrr

    Ciao form Oz

  3. Hahahh, I don’t even have docs to go and it’s still a piece of crap. The latest sprint firmware (1.12) helps a LOT, though.

    I still won’t be happy until I get a multitasking OS.

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