June 18, 2007 @ 4:30 PM – Cabo San Lucas and the story of the hat

Woke up in Cabo and had to reboot my computer to get the GPS stuff working again, but then I actually started getting a fix. YAY! No time to celebrate, though, because today is the first day to see something besides what’s on this ship. After being ferried ashore by a little boat, I quickly realized I might as well have been in Tijuana…typical shitty tourist trap. Blocks full of bars and people on the street haggling you to buy a necklace (“For you, almost free!”) every ten feet. And even though the shops sold all the same crap, Mom and I decided to browse through anyway.

The sun was fairly bright, and I was just slightly sweltering in my regulation black pants and jacket. I tried on a random hat off a table and asked the guy if he had a mirror. He dug around and found one, and I swear this hat was the most perfect hat ever. We united spirits in such a way as previously believed to be impossible between a human and a haberdash. The guy said the hat was $10, which was a completely fair price to pay for my hat equivalent of a soulmate. I handed the guy my credit card, but he frowned and said he only takes cash. I didn’t have a slip of paper money on me, so I decided to let it go. It’s just a hat, I thought. And besides, I never wear them anyway. I went on to buy a little black dress with yellow flowers and some fancy vanilla for Dan from some of the other vendors (one of which, I should note, also didn’t accept cards. But he had a friend who would charge it for a few extra bucks).

After stopping for beer and guacamole, we decided to go ahead and walk downtown. The whole way was in the sun, and my mind kept going back to how nice it would be to have that hat. I looked and looked for one even remotely like it, but the closest I found was in the mall and cost $150 USD. I thought about going by the ATM to go back and get The Hat, but I didn’t have my bank card and I don’t even have a PIN set up for my credit card to do a cash advance. My mom had a bit of cash left over, so on our way back to the ship I decided I would stop back by that booth armed with her $8 and my perkiest smile. I told the guy that I really did do everything I could to get $10 just for his hat, but all I had was $8. He grinned and went ahead and helped me pick out the right size and the scarf I wanted to go with it.

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