7-19-2007 – San Francisco

It recently came to my attention that I never posted these journal entries I originally wrote in my moleskine.  Dan and I went to WordCamp in San Francisco, and had a few days extra to tour the city.  Perhaps I never posted because I left the general thought from the trip unfinished…

Someone please poke me a lot if I don’t post about the importance of the wind in a few days.

6:20pm: Would have missed the flight if it wasn’t for a combination of Dave’s alternate route prowess and delays on almost all United flights.

6:45pm: Noticed that the gentleman next to me at the gate left his cell phone, wallet, and a book on his seat when he went to ask a question at the ticket desk. I kept my eye on him, and when he didn’t come back shortly, I tracked him down a few gates over with his traveling companions right at the moment when he realized his wallet was missing. They saw me standing there with his misplaced accessories and all eagerly offered to buy me a drink for my honesty.

I wish I would have noticed what book he was reading.

7:40pm: Just boarded. When Dan booked the tickets, he apparently forgot to make sure we’d have seats together. Combine that with previously “thinking we were on United” as Billy dropped us off (and had no boarding passes or confirmation number), and I have now promoted myself to the VP of Buying Plane Tickets in this relationship.

Salinger, looks like this flight is just gonna be you and me.

9:30pm: On the ground in SF. Nights here really are quite cool. The wind excites me for some reason.

11:40pm: Not really grooving on the whole “let’s fly to SF and see what happens” thing. I feel like I’ve walked halfway across the city while still carrying a backpack, camera bag, and the equivalent of 8 days of suitcase for Dan and I. Having a hell of a time finding a hotel. Dan finally called around and found a place near where we are in Castro that may or may not actually be called Biff’s Motor Lodge and Glory Hole.

12:30am: Someone stole our room, the elevator tried to kill me, the bed is composed entirely of springs, and this place smells quite severely of pee.

6:00pm: Got out of that hellhole of a motel and into a proper room at the Mariott at about noon. Threw down our bags and headed out on foot to see what looked interesting. Before long, Dan bought a ZipCar membership and reserved a Mini Cooper convertible. Once we got to the car, Dan told me to pick a direction. I pointed, and we took off. I must have picked well, because within 5 minutes we were at the Golden Gate Bridge. Dan zipped that car through all kinds of little trails and took us around the entire perimeter of the city. We found the Presidio, a military cemetery, a holocaust memorial, and all kinds of other little picturesque nooks and crannies that I bet most tourists don’t get to. I swear, renting a convertible is a great way to see a city.

We eventually looped around and went to Fisherman’s Wharf, since it was so well recommended by our friends. What a tourist trap! We’re currently eating at Alioto’s to get our parking validated. It’s quite ritzy, but I’m not impressed. There’s a swarm of no less than six flies who decided to hover over only our table, and the clam chowder tastes like a bowl of Campbell’s cream of celery soup that once had a dream about a clam. The first time I used scallops in a dish was better than the $20 one in front of me. That’s ok, though…we’re on our way after this to the Ghirardelli factory to get some chocolate!

6:45pm: Ghirardelli Square smells like chocolate from blocks away!!!

9:30pm: Finished limping back to the hotel. I don’t know how I can walk in flipflops for three hours carrying two bags and a suitcase and be dandy, but put me in a regular pair of shoes for a mile and I’d rather crawl.

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